Submission Tips

The Ferguson Literary Agency accepts electronic queries only.

1.    Do not submit unless your book is complete and ready for publication.
2.    Know what you write.  Hint:  if it’s not on a shelf label in a bookstore, chances are you need to do more research.
3.    Traditional formatting, fonts, margins, etc. are welcomed and desired.  If you are unsure, there is an excellent book entitled SUBMITTING AND FORMATTING YOUR MANUSCRIPT by Glenda Neff, et al.

a.    Queries

i.    Include your name, date, address, phone number, e-mail and website address (if applicable).
ii.    Single spaced.
iii.    Courier, Courier New, Times New Roman and Arial fonts are acceptable.  Please use 12 point.
iv.    One page only.
v.    Include the Title of your book.

4.    Inform the agency if your submission is a simultaneous submission.
5.    Inform the agency if you’ve signed with another agent.
6.    Do read the agency’s submission guidelines carefully, then follow the instructions given—it will allow the submission process to go much more quickly.
7.    If there is a request for more material, send only what is requested in the way which it is requested.
8.    We respond to all submissions (if we received them).  If an author takes the time to submit, we take the time to respond.
9.    Do include the appropriate information in the Subject line.  See submission instructions for further details.
10. Know that the submission process is just that—a way for the agency to handle all the submissions in an organized manner that will allow for timely responses—and we need your help with the process.  Thank you, in advance for your cooperation.